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Code of Conduct

Site administration reserves the right to suspend or remove users that do not behave in a civil manner. Specific guidelines are being further developed and will be placed here as the site develops.

Inappropriate Content

Users who post inappropriate content will be suspended after a warning. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned.

  • Advertisements of any kind without the express written permission of site administration are PROHIBITED. Please ask permission before posting anything of a commercial nature
  • Bots are allowed only if they do not clutter the timeline or engage with other users without their permission. Please contact site administration before using bots to be sure they are appropriate!
  • Content that is considered obscene, libelous, hate speech or otherwise unlawful under Canadian law will be removed immediately and the user who posted it banned without warning
  • Personal attacks, derogatory remarks or discriminatory behaviour towards others based on ANY personal characteristics will not be tolerated!
  • Accounts that mislead or misrepresent the true identity of a user will be banned immediately (no fake celebrities allowed unless the profile explicitly states it is fake!)
  • Harassment, bullying or otherwise inciting hatred against others is prohibited
  • Users are responsible for vetting articles/links they post or share. Users who deliberately and repeatedly post "fake news" without stating it is as such will be suspended or banned.

Content Warnings

The Mastodon platform offers a "content warning" feature that obscures post content until a user explicitly opens it. This allows for sensitive information or potentially offensive or distressing content to be hidden from those who do not wish to see it. The following should be placed within content warnings:

  • Any level of violence, nudity or sexual content that would be deemed higher than a "PG" rating
  • Anything that would be considered a "spoiler" when discussing popular movies, television shows, sporting events or current events
  • Sensitive topics which may incite excessively heated arguments. Keep in mind that healthy lively discussion is encouraged and users are NOT expected to conceal everything that might be the slightest bit disagreeable!

Blocked Instances

Users of this instance are encouraged to use self moderation to silence and block at a user level. However as the federated Web grows there may be clear cases where an entire instance is clearly engaging in questionable behaviour. Instance level silencing and suspensions on this instance are implemented on an "as need" or complaint basis as their content appears in this instance's timelines rather than preemptively based on others' lists. That said reports WILL be taken seriously and required actions will be taken swiftly

Currently the domain block list is as follows:

  • fedichive.tk (suspended): abuse of federation - retrieval and archival activities without consent
  • freefedifollowers.ga (suspended): exists only to propagate follower spam bots
  • gab.com (suspended): far too many users there violate the CoC of this instance to make our favoured policy of user-based moderation of gab.com feasible for us. We didn't leave Twitter only to end up dealing with "Twitter Concentrate" in our timelines. Further to that this mastodon derivative's altered federation implementation seems to be partially broken which in and of itself is annoying.
  • newjack.city (suspended): all local accounts are follow bots--appears to be an effort to establish a spam and / or surveillance tool
  • search.fedi.app (suspended): sole purpose of this instance seems to be to run indiscriminate follow bots. Claims to respect #nobot but does not disclose data retention policies. Sketchy.
  • social.hatthieves.es (suspended): admin account of this instance is aggressively running follow bots and interacts with many sketchy gab.com style accounts. Just plugging this hole before it starts leaking spammy junk through.
  • weedis.life (suspended): large number of local accounts are follow bots--appears to be an effort to mass spam and / or DDoS

Moderated servers

Mastodon generally allows you to view content from and interact with users from any other server in the fediverse. These are the exceptions that have been made on this particular server.

Silenced servers

Posts from these servers will be hidden in public timelines and conversations, and no notifications will be generated from their users interactions, unless you are following them:

Server Reason
switter.at This site does not adequately enforce adding content warnings to lewd content and nudity

Suspended servers

No data from these servers will be processed, stored or exchanged, making any interaction or communication with users from these servers impossible:

Server Reason
archivefedifor.fun Suspended for network abuse. We do not allow instances dedicated to running follow bots, scrapers or mass archiving under any circumstances. If you feel the need to seed your federated timeline please subscribe to proper relays.
brighteon.social Promotes fake health remedies and QAnon style conspiracies, also violates Mastodon licensing by removing attributions including access to source code.
freefedifollowers.ga We do not permit instances dedicated to deployment of follow bots, content scraping or mass archiving under any circumstances
freespeech.firedragonstudios.com Unmoderated instance which is not very active but has a lot of conspiracy posts
gitmo.life Appears to be exclusively Trumpist/Qaanon cultists. Suspect a lot of the activity is bots. Mostly just don't want to deal with this randomly appearing on my timeline. Wow. Just...wow.
iddqd.social Admin of iddqd is up to some sketchy stuff with bots/scrapers/archivers etc. and tends to associate with garbage people and I don't care to have their activities leak into my timelines
ligma.pro Another instance run by someone known to engage in network abuse (follow bots, network scraping and archiving without consent)
pleroma.nobodyhasthe.biz Wow these characters broke my 3 strikes rule within the first 5 posts that found their way onto my instance. I don't need racial slurs and swastika emojis and avatars in my timelines thanks. That place is beyond redemption.
rayn.bo Code of conduct plus comments of founder indicate no moderation actions will be taken for hate speech or misinformation. Harbours a VERY prolific QAnon-style user.
social.quodverum.com Activity from this domain started to show up in my timeline (seems someone from there followed me some time ago but there had been no interaction) and I noticed that the vast majority of content authored or boosted at this site lately has been pretty vile--lots of misleading/false content and violating of their own terms of service, specifically as of late: Calls to violence of any kind, the overthrow of the government of the US,promotion of bigotry or hatred against ANY group of individuals or illegal activity will be immediately removed from this forum The sheer number of violations on this domain of their own policies gives me no choice but to fully suspend them.
socnet.supes.com mostly conspiracy theory crackpots, suspect several accounts are sock puppets
yggdrasil.social Pre-emptive block. Overt racism and sexism right in this site's code of conduct. Public posts are mostly shit posts but this crap is never funny.
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