So Zoom is pretty terrible, hey? I'm glad it's not what my workplace is using, although our board is opting to use it because our workplace standard (Google Meet, which has it's own issues but seems generally less invasive despite being a Google product) doesn't meet their needs. I'm probably going to be pulled into this and, yikes, I just don't want to install it at all even on my work machine. Browser version only, if I can.

If you're looking for alternatives to Zoom, and are able to actually influence the decision making at your workplace (since these are mostly being used in job situations), Vice as a decent run down of the pros and cons of some different options:

@ink_slinger jitsi and for the win!

I don't know why they say that jitsi has fewer resources to get encryption right though. Zrtp is pretty standard now and to be honest it's not like OpenSSL at all, and people hardly give OpenSSL enough shit for its CVE list.


@thatgeoguy @ink_slinger gotta say that listing being "open source" as a con for Jitsi is very strange. I guess it being an article for Wired that being a closed system managed by a well funded tech-bro startup instead is a virtue.

As you say, there are ample resources to get Jitsi set up right and it uses pretty standard tech. It is really the least-BS solution and you can set up a server under your full control in a snap. It's been excellent for my job so far!

@thatgeoguy @ink_slinger oops...Vice, not Wired...but the point still stands actually.

Anyways, Zoom is written and designed like malware. I would go anywhere near it myself.

@msh @thatgeoguy It's listed as both a pro and a con, which is even funnier. The reason they call it a potential con is that it's got fewer resources to get security right, because apparently "resources" = cash money and not the countless volunteer hours that go into many open source projects (and which are sometimes done by paranoid nerds who REALLY care about security).

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